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איך לצייר ציצי בתמונות והסבר *באנגלית* (תמונות ערום זהירות!)

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    תאריך הצטרפות
    _קרדיט לאתר אחר_

    Step One: Basics

    1.) I almost always start out with the spine, because it gives me the base curve for the entire body. I start from top and make a gentle S shape curve down to where abouts I think the spine wold end.

    2.) I begin to flesh out the torso here with head, arms, and waist outline. I have not started the breasts shape yet at all as this is just a base.

    3.) Finally after getting a good solid base body I start to make light curves (Seen in red) on the left and right sides of the torso. Make note of the tiny folds of skin where the arms and breasts meet.

    4.) I start adding under curvature and weight to them now. There's no need to outline the entire breast but give a few suggestive lines. Remember the breasts are attached to the body and if you outline the entire mass of flesh, it looks flat and disconnected.

    5 & 6.) In these two steps I try to gage where the nipples would be placed. In the sixth panel I use a little trick to help me find the center of each breast. To help your mind think about them in 3d try drawing a line from top to bottom of the breast. It's all about curves! Remember that!

    7.) Because no one has 0% fat on their body, I fleshed out the body in the seventh panel with a little roundness along the hips and torso just beneath the breasts.

    8.) A rough idea of larger breasts on the same torso. I use that same guide for nipple placement as when breasts get larger, the nipple hangs lower due to weight and gravity. (Sagging)

    9.) Smaller breast size on the same torso. Same rule applies here: Less breast, higher nipple.

    STEP 2
    Angles and Views

    No matter how large or small a woman may be, there is always going to be gravity. Even the most cartoony styles seem to apply this rule. On the left, the breasts are like round beachballs, looking detachable from the torso. On the right they are flush with the arch of the torso. Remember that when the body arcs back, the under line of the breast will change. I included a rough box-frame to sort of give you a clear idea of breast placement. No pair of breasts are always squashed together %100 of the time!

    When lifted, they spread and roll apart. When an arm is risen, the breast rises with it just slightly. Don't forget the curve of the breast and under arm when both arms are risen above the head.


    STEP 3
    Shape & Techniques

    One big thing I think people forget is that breasts are not made of plastic. They aren't hard at all. They're plyable mounds of flesh and aren't always these perfect round balls. They squash and stretch. Think of them like a bag of water: when the bag hangs unobstructed, it's like a pendulum, yet when you bring your hand to cup it it squashes upwards.

    Even certain clothing can constrict breasts and cause then to bulge in places, they are never perfectly round all the time, and infact they're rarely ever truly round at all. (Unless they're fake D

    In this lower diagram, I'm showing how arms can effect breasts quite dramatically. On the the left breast: Un-bothered. On the right: it's being pressed or squashed. The crease between the breast and torso lengthens the further the breast is pushed against the body.

    שלב אחרון
    Tips and Nips

    From left to right are small, medium and large breast sizes. On the very right, is how I feel they should not look. Look carefully and you'll notice the red line under each breast. That is the skin crease between the two flesh masses. The one on the right has no weight, therefore not making this crease. Remember that breasts have weight, even the smallest ones will!

    Beneath that is a gton view Nipple color render. Often times I see people coloring nipples bright hot pink! NOnono! They are a flesh tone, reds, browns and oranges. I have honestly never seen a hot pink nipple before, have you?

    Next to that is a side view of the nipple. Keep in mind that nipples aren't always erect. At times they are very flat and have no nub, other times they are very perky!

    מקווה שיעזור

  2. 15-07-2008 10:48 #2
    תאריך הצטרפות
    שם פרטי
    תודה אבל אין צורך במדריכים לצייר דברים כאלה בדרך כלל במדריכים של ציור תוך כדי אתה לומד את זה וזה לא ניראה לי לפי התמונות סיגנון ציור יפני הכוונה לאנימה ומנגה.


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