Past Simple
Time expressions: yesterday, last week/month/year, a year/month… ago, in the past, 10 years ago, when I was young, in 1962

Was /Were
משתמשים בפעלים אילו כדי לתאר מצב.

I /he / she / it + was ( She was at home last night).
You / we/ they + were (We were sick last week.)

Negative Form
wasn't / weren't (He wasn't busy yesterday. They weren't poor 20 years ago.)

Question Form
Was + subject…? Was she busy yesterday?
Were + subject…? Were you busy last week?

Wh – Questions
Wh Question + was/were + subject (Where were you last night?)

Wh – Questions – Subject Questions

Who/what + was…? (Who was ill last week?)
Regular Verbs
1.We usually add – ed – to the verb.
2.If the verb ends with an e we add "d". (dance- danced)
3.In one syllable – cvc – the last letter is doubled and we add "ed".
( stop – stopped)
4.In verbs with more than one syllable (2 הברות ויותר), the last letter is doubled only if the last syllable is stressed. (רק אם ההברה האחרונה מודגשת).
(permit – permitted)
5.If the verb ends with y, the y is dropped and we add ied. (cry- cried)
If before the y there is a vowel we add ed. (pray – prayed).

Negative Form

Subject + didn't + v1 ( She didn't blow the whistle.)

Question Form

Did + subject + v1?
(Did they buy the car yesterday?).

Wh- Questions
Wh question + did + subject + v1?

Where did she go last night?

Wh – Questions – Subject Questions

Who / What + verb + d/ed/ied or irregular verb?
Who fell down last week?